• May 27, 2024

‘Black Guns Matter’ Founder Hits Liberals With Major Truth Bomb…

It’s so refreshing to see some TRUTH doled out now and then. Amidst all the victimhood being celebrated by the left, it’s a breath of fresh air when you see folks actually taking action to correct the narrative and make a positive change.

Twenty-nine-year-old Philadelphia native Maj Toure is the founder of Black Guns Matter, an organization he started to provide firearm training and eduction specifically for his fellow citizens of the “hood.”

In an interview with Guns.com, Toure said, “Charlton Heston said it – you basically got to pry this out of my cold, dead hand. I’m not going down that way because we are citizens, Americans,” Toure told Guns.com. “We are citizens. We have the right to exercise the Second Amendment and anyone that’s tryin’ to infringe on that is not only in violation of the Constitution but they’re also just a dick.”

Toure’s group, Black Guns Matter, came about after he saw a lot of misinformation in his neighborhood and similar urban areas nationwide on his travels as an artist and it disturbed him.

“You know, our information base started to look as if – to us, it looked like this was deliberate – like there is a deliberate attempt to make sure that people in the hood don’t have firearms,” Toure said. “And then doing a little bit of research we start to see that all gun control laws come from right after the emancipation of newly freed African people. So that being the case, instead of complaining about we just came up with something that could address that ignorance and it’s Black Guns Matter.”

So isn’t that interesting? It was the Republicans who supported the emancipation but it was the Democrats who are working so hard to disarm Americans.

“Gun control is a sham. It’s not about gun control. It’s about people control,” he said. “It’s about trying to convince people that somehow the government is going to be responsible for your safety. That’s the equivalent of saying, ‘Hey, we have fires. Take all of the fire extinguishers out of your home because if there’s a fire, the firemen will just come.’ No, we’re not doing it.”

Rebel Pundit also sat down with Maj Toure during the DNC convention to ask him for his thoughts on the Democrat position on guns.

TheBlaze reports, “I think anybody has the right to be as foolish as they want to be,” he replied, adding that it’s “contradictory” that the likes of Clinton and Sanders have armed security when trying to prevent others from arming themselves. “If you wanna put your money where your mouth is, give your security detail mace.”

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