Black Lives Matter Activist Leader Runs for Mayor of Baltimore



DeRay Mckesson has announced that he will be running for the job of mayor in Baltimore.  McKesson is the activist who led the now discredited “Hands Up..Don’t Shoot” movement.  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, current mayor of Baltimore has already announced that she will not run for reelection.  McKesson’s bid was reported in the New York Times.

The Baltimore Sun reported that McKesson told them:

“Baltimore is a city of promise and possibility.  We can’t rely on traditional pathways to politics and the traditional politicians who walk those paths if we want transformational change.”

McKesson achieved fame during the Ferguson riots.  He is no stranger to controversy.  During the time after the death of Sandra Bland, McKesson claimed that she was murdered despite the surveillance tapes showing no one went to her cell and an autopsy report that claimed death was from suicide.

Here is what McKesson, who has 300,000 followers on Twitter wrote about the Sandra Bland death:

#SandraBland was murdered by the Waller County PD. & the only reason it wasn’t swept under the rug is Twitter.

Keep on, y’all. ✊

McKesson is currently feuding with Shaun King, the white black man and writer for the nearly bankrupt New York Daily News.

McKesson plans to release his platform for office in the very near future:

“In the weeks ahead, I will release a policy platform and a plan for Baltimore that is rooted in these beliefs.  I look forward to earning your vote and working with you to change the trajectory of Baltimore.”

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