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Black Lives Matter Endorses Republican for the Senate



In what could either be a curious move or a calculated plan to gain political power, Black Lives Matter of Cuyahoga County (BLMCC), has endorsed Rob Portman in his reelection bid.  Citing previous actions by democratic candidate Ted Strickland, BLMCC throws their support to the republican.  They reason that they give is that Strickland had proposed laws that would continue discriminatory practices that see black men sentenced to prison at a higher rate than whites and his failed fiscal agenda.  Said president Jeff Mixon:

 “In the current atmosphere of identity politics, BLMCC understands that endorsing even a well-qualified Republican such as Portman seems controversial; despite the fact that it was minorities who suffered the brunt of Ted Strickland’s gross financial mismanagement.”

“One thing that we at BLMCC feel confident about is this: the definition of ‘rational’ is not doing the same thing over and over – with little or no thought – expecting a different result.  At some point, minority communities must carefully examine the impact of relying solely on the Democratic Sample Ballot on Election Day.”

Here is where the quest for political power comes into play.  Years ago, as some of you may remember, I wrote an article on the lack of political power in the black community, titled “The Black Power Shortage.  As I pointed out, no matter how little the democratic party did for them, they continued to vote for democrats and no matter what republicans did for the clack community, they did not get their votes.  As a result, neither party has felt compelled to do anything about the inner cities.  I also said that if in just one election, if the black votes should be divided just 85-15 democrats, both parties would fall all over themselves to find solutions.

The late, great democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynahan was opposed to welfare because it would create a permanent underclass, and it has.  Our economy will never be strong until we move from a welfare state to a working state and that especially includes blacks.  It won’t be cheap.  We will have to continue some benefits that are available today and we will need to provide day care that will allow single mothers to enter the workforce along with the men.  Long term, it will reap huge rewards and strengthen race relations.

Democrats don’t feel they need to spend political capital on the black community and instead spend it on illegal aliens and gays,  That could drive a lot of frustrated black voters to the republicans.

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