• June 13, 2024

Black Militia Leader Warns of “All Out War”


Babu Omowale, the co-founder of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, who two days ago called for the Black Panthers to take over 5 southern states to set up a nation within a nation, has now issued a veiled threat to unleash an all out war.  Omowale has ties to Dallas police shooter Micah Johnson and co founded a gun club for blacks named after a founder of the original Black Panthers, Huey P. Newton.  It has been alleged that Johnson was a member of the gun club and it’s known for certain that he “Liked” it on Facebook.


Go here to read their mission statement

Omowale was arrested during the protests in Baton Rouge and he shared his thoughts on that on Facebook as related by The Daily Caller:

“I’m out of jail and back on the ground with the people I’m not leaving shit we in this bitch,” wrote Omowale, who said that Baton Rouge police charged him and other members of his paramilitary group for blocking traffic.

That’s the same charge filed in the arrests of Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson and Breitbart News reporter Lee Stranahan.

“All bonds were paid by the people around the country, damn thank you very much,” Omowale continued.

“I’m never doing another open carry fuck that next time I bring my guns out it will be all out war,” he added.

Omowale issued a veiled threat in another post.

“Why would anyone think we would attack a police station while they are surrounding it, you have to know we’re not that stupid nor are we on a suicide mission,” he wrote, adding “if we were going to fight they would have never seen us coming.”

Omowale was convicted in 1992 for felony aggravated assault.  He had two arrests the following year for illegal possession of a firearm.  In Texas, you lose your right to carry a gun if convicted of a felony.  Felons can have guns in their residence five years after completing their sentences or parole and can get full gun rights restored with a pardon from the governor.  It also depends on how the judge adjudicated his 1992 conviction.  The Daily Caller reached out to the gun club but received no reposne as of Monday.


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