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Black Rifle Coffee Company Buries Starbucks With This Announcement

Starbucks Coffee offended a huge portion of America by promising to hire 10,000 refugees to work in their shops.  If it weren’t for the fact that their coffee is overpriced and always tastes like it is burned I’d be a customer and in a position to boycott them.



Now, Black Rifle Coffee makes a commitment we can all get behind.  They have announced that the will hire 10,000 veterans.


From The Conservative Tribune:

Given that Black Rifle Coffee Company is significantly smaller than Starbucks, this pledge actually means something. And the sentiment is perfect.

After all, Starbucks’ meaningless promise was simply meant to show up Donald Trump — a president that Starbucks CEO Schultz is known to despise. Schultz’s rambling letter even included support for the Affordable Care Act and Obama’s immigration policies, as well as a rather kumbaya admonition that we ought to “build bridges, not walls” with Mexico.

Instead of going for political correctness, Black Rifle Coffee Company pledged to give jobs to men and women who have gone to war and fought for this country. Instead of an empty gesture meant to vulgarize a complicated issue of national security, Black Rifle put into perspective what really matters.

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