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Black Student: Teacher Punched Me, Gave Extra Credit for Anti-Trump Rally

A black student named Christian McKneely said that he was punched by a teacher and that same teacher offered students extra credit for attending an anti-Trump protest.



McKneely said he made a comment to a friend “That’s gay.”  A teacher heard him and accused him and other Christians of being homophobes.  When he tried to call his father about what happened, the female teacher punched him in the chest.

In addition to last Wednesday’s alleged incident, McKneely said the teacher offered students extra credit for going to an anti-Trump demonstration during the presidential campaign, KPRC reported.

“She gave extra credit for anyone who showed up for an anti-Trump rally being held downtown,” McKneely said during a Monday press conference outside Sterling High School. “I didn’t go, so I didn’t get extra credit. I don’t know if anybody got it, but that’s what she proposed for extra credit.”

The Houston Independent School District told KPRC only that it received reports of possible mistreatment of a student by a teacher at the school.

“We are continuing to work with the teacher and entire staff to ensure students are safe and teaching and learning continue uninterrupted,” a district statement said. “The safety of our students is always our absolute top priority.”





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