“That is wrong at the highest level and if it was happening anywhere else, everyone would be outraged by it.  If you wanna speak your speech, do it in the street – not inside of his rallies.”“We do not condone violence, but you cannot come up in there with a KKK suit on and then black people ain’t gonna act up.  You need to behave like you’re at a rally.”

Silk said that the media tries to hide black Trump supporters.  She appeared on the wrong station.  Beck who is psychotic when it comes to Trump and continually lies about him using false internet memes wants none of that.  He dedicated an entire show on the meme that Donald Trump supported and voted for Obama in 2008, despite the fact that within 24 hours of it’s appearance, the meme was totally shredded.  Trump donated to John McCain, participated in a fundraiser for McCain featuring Trump and an Open Secret search found that Trump did not contribute to Hillary 4 times as beck and Cruz claimed.

Just within the last week, Beck also lied about a meme that claimed that Trump gave an interview to People magazine in which he said if he ever ran for president, he’d run as a republican because their voters were stupid.  That meme was from October of 2015.  After it’s appearance, several news organizations search to find the issue with the interview, but failed to find it.  People did a search and found they never interviewed him at all that entire year, yet 5 months after the story was debunked, Psychotic beck to his viewers it was true.

Beck claims that unlike his candidate, Ted Cruz, Trump hates women.  Trump has more women executives than men and the earn more than the men on average.  Unlike Ted Cruz, who employs a high percentage of men and pay the women in his campaign 20% less than their male counterparts.   beck also claims that Trump is racist, yet he employs many minorities in positions of great power and the fact that Trump fought for and won the inclusion of blacks and Jews as members of exclusive golf courses like the two Hillary’s husband belongs to.

I love Diamond and Silk but they really should limit appearances on stations owned by Psychotic Beck.