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Black Woman Attacks Latino Reporter…Which One is the Racist?


A Latino reporter for Telemundo was finishing up a broadcast in Philadelphia, when a black woman approached her saying, “excuse me”.  The reporter ignored her and continued the wrap up for her report when the black woman began punching the reporter.  Now, you have to wonder which one is the racist.  Is it the black woman who attacked the Latino?  or was it the Latino’s fault for ignoring a woman still suffering from the effects of slavery?  Did the black woman racially profile the Latino, assuming she was an illegal alien?

It could also be that the black woman is a Bernie Sanders supporter who assumed the reporter was a Trump supporter.  No, I’ve got it.  The black woman was told that the Latino was a “Dreamer” and she attacked her for ethnic appropriation of the MLK speech, “I have a Dream”, not to be confused with the Obama speech, “I Have a Scheme”.  maybe they are both racists.  If a white person were involved, you know it would be made into a racist attack no matter the circumstances.

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