• January 24, 2022

#BLM Protester Goes Off the Rocker, Blocks Woman’s Car for Not Answering Question Correctly [VIDEO]

We are all angry for George Floyd.

A police officer knelt on the man’s neck for almost nine minutes, even as Floyd repeatedly appealed to the officer that he couldn’t breathe, until he became unconscious and was later pronounced dead.

But the righteous outrage over his death has morphed into violent protests in cities across the U.S.

Although equality for all and an end to racism are noble causes, the tactics used by some protesters go a long way to discredit the movement and eclipse any useful messaging.

It isn’t just the rioting, the social media virtue signaling or even the political pandering that are problematic. It’s also the small-time bullies, emboldened by anger and fortified by a national movement that is currently unimpeachable, lest any critic be called a racist.

A video that perfectly illustrated this problematic mentality was shared to Twitter by social media content creator Caleb Hull and ironically captioned: “I’m helping.”

“Do black lives matter to you?” the woman recording the video shouted at passing cars as she and other protesters stood in the middle of a busy street near an intersection and highway on-ramp.

The man driving the first vehicle seen in the video held his fist high in solidarity, but as one woman passed without acknowledging the question, the protester unleashed on the unsuspecting driver.

“Do black lives matter, Karen?” the protester said, using an internet culture pejorative that describes an angry, entitled and ignorant white woman, as The Guardian explained.

“F—ing white piece of s—,” the protester yelled, before calling the driver a “b—-.”

At first, the driver’s reply was inaudible, but the protester was about to completely come unglued.

“Oh yeah?! You wanna f—ing go, Karen?” the protester said as she began walking toward the woman’s vehicle while it was stopped at the traffic light.

As the protester approached the car, it sounded as though the driver said, “Every life matters.”

“Yes, black, white, yellow, green — all,” the driver attempted to explain to the screeching protester before other demonstrators also surrounded the vehicle.

The driver gestured for the crowd to move aside, but instead, the protester recording the video moved in front of her vehicle, capturing the woman’s license plate in her video as she and other protesters continued to harass the driver.

“She ain’t going nowhere, though,” a male protester repeatedly threatened as a hand reached out to bang on the hood.

The driver leaned on her horn in an attempt to disperse the menacing crowd, but protesters continued to close in.


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