• June 21, 2024

BLM Says They Will Shutdown Graceland on 1st Day of Elvis Week


Black Lives Matter activists along with a few other groups have formed an organization named the Coalition of Concerned Citizens who have announced that they plan to shut down Graceland tonight on the first day of Elvis Week.  That could be a huge mistake.  They may have taken on heavily armed riot police but this time they could find themselves running up against hundreds of middle aged crazed Elvis worshipers.  That could prove fatal.

The organizer, community leader Frank Gottie, said:

“Elvis Week must be really important, because I got a lot of phone calls.  Homeland security and everybody. [They said] don’t go to Elvis more than 20 deep, you can’t go there. But how they going to say that when it’s welcome to the public?”

The group put out the following mission statement for tonight’s action:

The demonstration, set for Monday at 6:00pm, is planned as a peaceful show of solidarity, unifying the people of Memphis against systems that promote poverty, violence and economic disparity. Graceland was chosen as a protest site because it demonstrates one of Memphis’s most common forms of financial inequity and because the site has ties a prominent case of police brutality that resulted in the death of unarmed teen, Darrius Stewart.

Graceland recently opened The Guest House, a new 450room resort style hotel in the heart of the African American community of Whitehaven. The project cost more than $120 million dollars to build and received upwards of 78 million dollars in public funding and tax breaks. Project developers and city officials promised Whitehaven residents the project would be an economic boon to the community, but as has been case for decades, residents have seen little if any of that money “trickle down” into the middle class neighborhood’s economy. This is not an uncommon story. [sic]

While it’s true that Graceland is a public establishment, there are three steadfast rules for people visiting:

  1. Do not light you blunt on the Eternal Flame
  2. Do not try to fill your Percadan prescription at the gift shop
  3. 3 If you are able to sneak up to the 2nd floor bathroom, whatever you do, don’t shout, “Whooee, it smells like someone died in here”

If you violate any of these rules, they will throw your butt out.  I know.


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