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BOMBSHELL From WSJ..Susan Rice Wasn’t Only Obama Official Leaking Names

The Wall Street Journal issued a report that claims that Susan Rice was not the only person leaking names of future Trump administration officials and former advisers.  In fact, they say that Flynn was leaked by a different high ranking official in the Obama Administration.  And if you believe like I do, none of these officials would act on their own, there very well could be a conspiracy involving Obama himself.  Apparently, this was a concerted effort to shut down the Trump presidency before it began.


Via Zerohedge and Vessel News:

This is where the WSJ comes in, with the new info that according to a Republican official familiar with deliberations by GOP lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee said that the names of two U.S. citizens who were part of Mr. Trump’s transition team have been unmasked in intelligence reports. One is Mr. Flynn and the other hasn’t been identified. The report involving Mr. Flynn documented phone conversations he had in late December with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

The WSJ then reports that Rice had requested the unmasking of at least one transition official — not Mr. Flynn — who was part of multiple foreign conversations that weren’t related to Russia.

And the punchline: “The Republican official and others said Ms. Rice wasn’t the administration official who instigated Mr. Flynn’s unmasking.”

In other words, the story that Susan Rice is the unmasker is incomplete as there is at least one more person exposing the identities of people in Trump’s circle, and that the NSA and other intel agencies have been surveilling, accidentally or otherwise,  at least one, so far unnamed individual, from Trump’s circle. It may well be someone that the WaPo and NYT have already published about, or it may be someone who has yet to hit the newswire, delivering the latest twist of the ongoing intelligence-fed news cycle

The plot thickens and you can bet Rice will fall on her sword for Obama but the question is will the second leaker?  Whether they do or not, it is becoming apparent in my opinion that this operation started at the top.  People need to go to prison over this.  Remember, none of these leaks pertained to Russia, so Rice and the second leaker will have to come up with a good answer on how this is not political.

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