Brave Woman Desperately Trying To Raise Awareness Of Incredibly Painful “Suicide Disease”

Kayla Hansen woke up with a rash one morning but assumed it was not serious. She tried to ignore it for a while, but when it didn’t go away, she went to see her doctor. It turned out she had a rare and extremely painful condition often referred to as the “suicide disease.”


Hansen recently shared her story on social media. She wants others to appreciate the struggle she has endured and hopes to raise awareness about the condition.

 She included pictures and details about her condition: “Picture on right is right before I got sick and picture on left is what my skin looks like now. My name is Kayla Hansen and a year and a half ago my life was changed forever. For those that know me you know that I love to work and have a ton of passion for my career of managing restaurants.”

Hansen explains when she received the diagnosis: “Dec. 27th 2015 I went into work just like every other day not knowing my life as I knew it was soon to be over. I, unfortunately, got my hand slammed in between two doors and initially just thought my hand was broken. After 2 months of the swelling not going down, and my arm feeling like it was on fire I was given the diagnosis that I had complex regional pain syndrome also known as CRPS.”

 Her post continued: “It is extremely rare and is literally rated the most painful thing in the world. More painful than childbirth, amputation, or any cancer there is. It is an autoimmune disease that affects every single part of your body including organs. Your body can no longer control temperature and it literally feels like you are being burned alive 24/7.”

It turns out she has a very severe case of CRPS: “Some people are lucky and the disease stays contained in just one limb. However, I am very unlucky and mine has spread from my head to my toes in just over a year. I have seen over 50 doctors and they all say mine is the worst case they’ve ever seen. My condition is so bad that I’m literally being burned alive. Both of my arms from my shoulders down to my hands are covered in serious burns that start from the inside out. The burns are so serious that I have been hospitalized numerous times.”

Hansen also explains why shed is asking for donations: “I am starting this go fund me for numerous reasons…. the first being the costs of all my treatments. In a little over a year, I’ve had over 40 surgeries and procedures. I am already so far in debt but still fighting and refuse to give up. I leave April 8th to travel to Arkansas to see a specialty doctor in my disease. There are only 4 doctors in the world that do what she does. I have to stay there for up to 14 weeks. Between room and board and treatments it will costs thousands a week. There is no cure for this disease but I am hoping that I can at least get some relief.

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