• April 20, 2024

BREAKING: Muslim Navy Engineer Busted Red-Handed in Major Act of Treason

A foreign-born man was just caught in a blatant act of treason.

To make the incident even more alarming, the crime involves one of America’s most powerful nuclear vessels.

Mostafa Ahmed Awwad is from Saudi Arabia.

However, he was able to gain U.S. citizenship after he married an American woman in Egypt.

According to the Navy Times, Awwad was arrested on Friday during an undercover FBI operation.

His alleged crime is severe.

Awwad has been accused of attempting to sell technical details of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to the Egyptian government.

Mostafa Awwad was able to access those technical plans through his job as a civilian engineer working on the USS Gerald R. Ford.

That ship is currently under construction and is slated to be one of the lead “supercarriers” using new technology in the U.S. Navy’s modern fleet.

 The Saudi man reportedly held a “secret” level clearance due to his work with the Navy.

He was caught when he attempted to sell information about the nuclear carrier to a representative of Egypt.

There was one problem. His contact was actually an undercover FBI agent posing as a Middle Eastern buyer.

“During the meeting Awwad claimed it was his intention to utilize his position of trust with the US Navy to obtain military technology for use by the Egyptian government,” stated a Department of Justice document.

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