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Shots Fired, Orlando Schools On Lockdown During COP-KILLER MANHUNT

The cop-killer is on the run and 15 schools are on lockdown


Police are scrambling as one officer has already died from gunshot wounds. The officer was shot in Pine Hills.

Reportedly, the off-duty officer detained a shoplifter at a Pine Hills Walmart. Witnesses say that the man immediately opened fire before fleeing. The female officer was shot multiple times.

The suspect has been named as Markeith DaMangzlo Lloyd. He is also wanted to the December murder of a pregnant woman.

While Lloyd is at large, 15 schools have been placed on lockdown. He is a dangerous man and is thought to be a risk to harm or take hostage those who may shield him.

The following schools are affected:

The story continues to unfold.

We will continue to follow the story and provide updates as we have them.


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