Brit Hume: Why the Case for National Lockdown Is Getting ‘Weaker and Weaker’ [VIDEO]

Watch as Fox News political analyst Brit Hume explains why the nationwide lockdowns no longer maker any sense:

MACCALLUM: You say that with each passing day, the argument for this lockdown, this nationwide lockdown, gets weaker and weaker. What do you mean by that?

HUME: Two things. First the collateral damage from it is extraordinary. We started this process, you may recall, social distancing followed by the full lockdown almost national quarantine to protect our medical system for being overwhelmed.

What’s happening in our medical system is that hospitals are failing across the country. Many are closing. The Mayo Clinic yesterday had a big set of layoffs.

The damage our medical, our health care system it seems to me is something we really have to take into account. It’s very serious.

The economic damage has been widely discussed, the budgetary harm is beyond belief.

We are saddling our country and future generations with debt on a scale that was already high and now it is far, far worse.

Not to mention the toll on businesses with which won’t reopen. The unemployment.

The consequences for children being locked up at home and not being able to go to school with her friends and being outside of the mental health issues that arise from that, the domestic domestic violence that you heard being referred to.

That’s part of it, the damage from it.

The second thing is there are two points about this from what I think is a health point of view.

This is a disease that overwhelmingly affects elderly people and those with serious underlying medical conditions.


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