• May 24, 2024

Brussels Airport On High Alert Potential Bombs On Airliners

I wonder how the media can spin this story to make it sound like Donald Trump is responsible. All kidding aside, it’s not funny to think that we all are on such high alert now with a potential terror attack on a daily basis. Two alerts of potential bombs aboard air liners heading to Brussels airport.


According to Independent.co.uk:


It comes as tensions in the country are already running high following a major terror attack at the same airport in March killing 16 people.The two nail bombings were part of three suicide attacks co-ordinated to go off at the same time across the city.The city has had several false alarms in recent months, including an incident in the city centre last month when a Physics student conducting an experiment was cornered by police after he was spotted wearing a long coat with wires sticking out.

We all have to stay constantly vigil now days, wars are fought differently then in the past, there are no uniforms or clashing tanks and air craft. It’s fought in the back streets and restaurants and concert halls, in the town squares with fear as the ultimate goal. This war can be won, but we need people in charge that want to win, not pay the enemy to stop with bribes and back room deals. We need strong leadership, not cronyism, and establishment leaches only to prosper from the corruption. What do you think?


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