Burmese Python And Alligator Fight To The Death! [WATCH]

A Florida journalist was out on a bike ride when he caught the rare sight on video last month: a 15-foot-long Burmese python locked in a deadly battle with an alligator.  Joe Capozzi, a reporter for the Palm Beach Post, said he was cycling through South Florida’s Big Cypress National Reserve when he heard a series of splashes.


Zoo Miami told the local CBS station that the battle of the two predators was nature’s version of Godzilla fighting King Kong in the swamp. “What that python was doing, from the mid down to the tail, wrapped around that alligator, keeping him under the water and waiting for it to succumb to asphyxiation basically.”

GrindTV had this to say:

A reporter from the Palm Beach Post was cycling on Loop Road in Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve when splashing sounds coming from a swamp stopped him in his tracks.

When he went to investigate, Joe Capozzi saw something rarely witnessed in the wild—an alligator being attacked by a Burmese python, or as he put it “the grand spectacle of a gator being attacked by a large coiling serpent.”

“It was all at once terrifying, mesmerizing and beautiful, a battle between predator and prey that at times looked as graceful as a water ballet,” Capozzi wrote in a first-person account of the event in the Palm Beach Post. “Once I got the iPhone video rolling, I couldn’t stop watching.”

The alligator struggled to escape the tightening grip of the python, thrashing its tail out of the water.

“Although I’d missed the initial ambush, what I watched for 15 minutes from my ringside seat wasn’t much of a fight,” Capozzi wrote.

The gator was about 6-feet long, the python about 15 feet, and the python clearly held the upper hand.

“They were joined as one, a twisted knot plying the water,” Capozzi wrote. “They would sink like an anchor, wrestling in the depths and stirring the water into a dark silty soup, and then rise to the surface again as the stubborn gator refused to give up the fight. The alligator’s best punches were limited to futile swings of the tail that missed python’s head and struck the water with a splash.”


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