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Busted! If Democrats Felt Their Trump Impeachment Case Was So Strong…Why Did They Just Do This!?

The Democrats are not doing as well as they had hoped in this sham of an impeachment trial but that is what you get when your entire case is built on lies.

And one of those lies that the House Impeachment Managers were using to try and frame President Trump just blew up in their hateful little faces. On Wednesday, House Impeachment Managers were forced to withdraw evidence and I use the word “evidence” loosely here, in their case since Sen. Mike Lee said it was false.

So, the impeachment managers claimed that on January 6, Trump called Sen. Lee in the Capitol but was under the impression he was speaking Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville.

“He dialed Senator Lee by accident, and Senator Lee describes it that he had just ended a prayer in the Senate chamber,” said impeachment manager David Cicilline (D-RI).

Also, that is not the only lie they were caught in!

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