• May 29, 2023

BUSTED! Teacher Caught On VIDEO Dancing To ‘F*** Donald Trump’

A New Hampshire math teacher likely would have gotten few if any sideways glances for dressing like Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for Halloween.

But dancing in front of students to the hip-hop refrain “F*** Donald Trump” — and saved for posterity on video? That proved a bit much for the Portsmouth School District.

“I will say that the teacher is not presently in the classroom, and we are investigating the situation,” Superintendent of Schools Stephen Zadravec told Seacostonline. “There is no place for offensive language in our school community, nor is it our practice in school to support or discredit political candidates.”

The jig apparently was up for the teacher — identified by Seacoastonline as Kara Kelley — shortly after the video was posted on parents’ Facebook pages Monday.

Michael Grondahl told Seacoastonline his son contacted him shortly after 9 a.m. to say Kelley was “making fun of” Trump in a Portsmouth High School geometry class.

“He texted us, and he felt very uncomfortable,” Grondahl told the outlet. “It’s not even like this was a sociology teacher. This is a geometry teacher.”

Grondahl added to Seacoastonline that Kelley showed “bad judgment” and “should be setting a better example.”

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Profanity):

Grondahl also noted to the outlet that after he took his family to a Trump rally in Portsmouth, Kelley asked his son in school if he thought Trump was a good role model.

“It’s very hypocritical,” he told Seacoastonline.

But someone who self-identified as a PHS student emailed the Portsmouth Herald to defend Kelley, the outlet reported, saying she’s “one of the most incredible, kindhearted, funniest people in our school.”

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