BUSTED: The Internet Makes CHEATING Much More Difficult Than It Used To Be

People have more opportunities to cheat these days than ever. Easy come, easy go, though, because they have just as many opportunities to get caught. All enabled by the Internet and Social Media.


Consider the cheater who goes out into public. It is a huge risk, as someone may see you. It could be a friend of your significant other, or even the one-and-only themselves!

Here is a case of one girl’s friend spotting the boyfriend out with his side chick. Oops! She snapped an incriminating photo!


That one is not nearly as bad as this poor guy’s story. Apparently, this couple had been in counseling because of her cheating in the past. Now she is caught lying to him. It is unwise to sit in a bar of all places and lie to your spouse. There were even witnesses in this case!every_cheater_gets_revealed_in_the_end_640_04

Then, of course, there is the famous case of this man at a ballgame who received a note from another fan who observed his wife’s unfaithful behavior and decided to intervene. Would you have done what she did or would you have made the choice to simply mind your own business. What an unusual way to get caught!


There is also the ever-present risk of a Social Media blunder. Check out what happened to this girl who got a little too wild while vacationing in Cancun. By the looks of it, the other guy even has photos and hunted down her boyfriend on Facebook!


Sometimes, total strangers can take to the Internet and Social Media to expose the truth about a cheater. Smartphone cameras can help.


If you choose to cheat, then leave your Facebook account unlocked while away, you are simply asking to get caught. This woman was not putting up with it for one second! Boom.


This guy tried to apologize on Social Media, I think. Likely it is too late, bro.


There is always the old case of bedroom lost and found.


Sometimes, the proof is simply in the pudding, as they say:




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