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CAIR Sues Oklahoma Gun Range For Being a Muslim Free Zone



CAIR, the subsidiary of the terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood is suing a gun range in Oklahoma for refusing to allow Muslims use the range.  The ACLU has joined in the fight.  I guess they’re having a slow period between pedophiles.  Raja’ee Fatihah, who lives in Tulsa, made the hour long trip only to create a situation.  Fatihah, it should be noted is a board member of CAIR in Tulsa.

Fatihah claims that when he mentioned he was a Muslim, the gun range operators asked him if he was there to cause violence.  I would,too.  It is Fatihah’s contention that he was only refused because of his religion and that when he entered the office, guns were pulled on him.  This, they say, is very un American.

Brady Henderson, of the ACLU said:

“Whether the sign in question says no Muslims, no coloreds, or no women or no Christians or no Buddhists or any other thing — it is just as un-American, and fundamentally, it is just as wrong.  What we are going to court to establish is that it is just as illegal.”

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“We hope that these owners and others around the country will comply with civil rights law and stop refusing service to customers in this discriminatory and unconstitutional manner.”

Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center is the lawyer for  Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gun Range.  He tells the story much differently and pointed out that you can’t ban someone solely on religion but it can be a contributing factor.  Muise lays out the gun range’s version:

[Fatihah]  “entered the shop with an AK-47 over his shoulder, magazine inserted. The range is an outdoor range and it was pouring rain that day — no one in their right mind (at least no one without a nefarious agenda) would even consider shooting on a day like this. Indeed, the Islamist was the only one at the range that day (and there was an indoor range available to him in Tulsa if he was truly interested in only shooting).”

“The owners then promptly (and rightfully so) did a background check on this guy and found out that he was a board member of CAIR — an organization with strong ties to terrorism — confirming the owners’ suspicions.  We should reward such vigilance.”

In Florida last year, CAIR filed a similar lawsuit that was tossed because no one could show damage being done.



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