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Can You Guess What Kind of Fruit Grows on This Tree [VIDEO]

This is a true story.  When I was growing up as a young boy in Amesville, Ohio, we had a farm in the country belonging to my Uncle Wid and we lived on a 3 1/2 acre parcel of land where we had 4 gardens, a steer, hogs and chickens.  One day a horticulture student (I’m guessing a freshman) visited our place and asked to look at the fruit tree just north of our house.


We didn’t bother trimming the tree because it was very old and the fruit was bitter.  The young man examined the trees and made notes.  When he was done, he handed my father a list of recommendations and told him he would be surprised if the tree bore 2 bushels of peaches.  My father said “So would I, considering it’s an apple tree.”

Most fruit trees are easily recognizable but the one you are about to see is basically impossible to define.  Like a lot of rural families, we ordered plants and seeds from Starkey Brothers.  Every year we would get a catalog of all the plants and trees they offered.  Two stood out.  One tree offered 5 different types of apples from one tree and another would offer 5 totally different fruits.  Now, a man has far surpassed that by offering a tree that has no less than forty types of fruits on just one tree through the magic of grafting.


From AWM:

The Tree of 40 Fruits has a heavy focus on stone fruits, which are also known as drupes in the scientific world.  These types of fruits are ones that have an outer flesh part with a hard seed or pit in the middle such as apricots, peaches, mangoes, and cherries.

His project might have looked quite strange at first, but after it had been in the creation process for a while, the final plant started to take shape and you could see how wonderful his creation was going to be.

When it came time for his final rendition to bloom, you could see the mastery put into this tree.



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