• January 24, 2022

CBS Says Emails on Weiner’s Computer Aren’t Duplicates


Paula Reid of CBS News is reporting that the emails being found on Anthony Weiner’s computer are not duplicates of ones the FBI has already found.  That could very well mean that the so called “personal” emails of Hillary’s were not personal at all and are preserved as files on one of Huma’s devices that she and Hillary thought would never be found.

.@CBSNews confirms FBI found emails on computer, related to Hillary Clinton server, that are “new” & not previously reviewed.

After receiving the warrant that allowed the FBI to look through the emails they ran the emails through software that can can match up the emails already discovered with the new emails, which shows they are not the same.  The emails were discovered while the FBI was investigating Weiner over charges that he sexted a 15 year old child and they discovered the large cache of emails from Hillary’s server.

From The Daily Caller:

Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova told The Daily Caller Thursday he would not be surprised if Clinton’s deleted emails were on the laptop seized by the agency.

“Hillary Clinton had committed perjury on Capitol Hill. She had lied to the FBI during her interview on the July 4 weekend annd that, in fact, the 33,000 emails are probably on the laptop that she deleted,” DiGenova said.


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