Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: We Will Cite You, Arrest You, And Jail You For Violating Stay-At-Home Orders

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is out of control y’all! She seems to enjoy being a hard a$$, threatening citizens for wanting to gather and be together. So, basically, she wants to arrest them for being human.

“And this is how it’s gonna be. We will shut you down. We will cite you. And, if we need to, we will arrest you and we will take you to jail. Period. There should be nothing unambiguous about that. Don’t make us treat you like a criminal.”

Okay, Mayor Lightfoot, there should be nothing ambiguous about that…not unambiguous.

Merriam-Webster:  Unambiguous: not ambiguous: CLEAR, PRECISE.

So, according to Lightfoot, there should be nothing clear about that. Now on that she is correct. It is becoming less and less clear as to why there are mayors and governors are continuing the stay-at-home orders when hospitals are prepped and have capacity. The virus is not going to disappear the longer they force people to hide in their homes. It’s here to stay and we must go through it to get through it.

Mayor Lightfoot issued the chastisement and threat after party promoters posted on social media advertising large parties.

Whooping it up during the pandemic isn’t just a party foul.

It could get you arrested, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the city’s new Police Superintendent David Brown warned on Saturday – a balmy, partially sunny day with a high hitting the mid-70s.

Brown said the Chicago Police Department will “be on the lookout for gatherings large and small.”

Anyone caught congregating will be told to disperse. If they don’t abide, there will be consequences, he said.

“Non-compliance will result in citations, fines and yes, arrests. As silly as that sounds you could be arrested for having a party in this COVID-19 virus environment,” Brown said. “CPD has the ability to arrest offenders that adamantly refuse the stay-at-home order. Those that organize any large parties will be held accountable.”

Hosts and party promoters will be ticketed or arrested, and cars will be towed, he said.

“Don’t leave your house unless absolutely necessary. Don’t invite people over either,” Brown said. “Chicagoans have done too much good thus far to risk a spike in cases of this deadly virus. This isn’t something CPD is going to take lightly.”


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