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Chinese Man Kept Something Hidden Under His House For Forty Years

A Chinese man was charged with building special fallout shelter.  It was so secret that when the shelter was done, the plans and the schematic were destroyed.  For the next forty years, he was charged with protecting the shelter.  He built a house on top of it and never told anyone including his own children of it’s existence.   But the program had been closed many years ago but no one remembered to tell him.



It’s secrets may never have been discovered except for the man who was now 87 years old went to headquarters and asked to be relieved of his duty as he was too old and sickly to continue.  The records were search but evidently had been destroyed sometime after the program was discontinued.

The man’s children had tried to get him to move out of the house and move in with them, but he refused and could not even tell them why.

From The Daily Caller:

For 41 years, He lived two lives. In one life, he raised a family and lived like an ordinary citizen. In the other, he watched over the air-raid shelter. Not only was the People’s Armed Forces Department unaware that He had never been relieved from his post, but there were not any records showing that the air-raid shelter even existed.

He was tasked with setting up an air-raid shelter by the head of the People’s Armed Forces Department in the 1970s. The work was carried out in secret, and the drawings and schematics were destroyed after its completion.


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