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Chris Wallace Forces Dem Senator to Admit They are Being Childish [VIDEO]

Chris Wallace had Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin (Md.) on his show today and he grilled Cardin on the fact that democrats are acting like infants, who when find out they can’t win, throw a tantrum and try to shut down the government.  Cardin tried to deny it but all he managed to do is stumble and mumble, but Wallace refused to let him off the hook.  Cardin tried to use the excuse that it takes longer to vet Trump’s nominees.  That’s a lie.  Because even after they get all the answers they want, they still try to stop the nominations.


Fox News host Chris Wallace grilled top Senate Democrat Sen. Ben Cardin (Md.) on “Fox News Sunday” on Sunday over why less than half of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet has been confirmed more than three weeks into his presidency.

Wallace pointed out that by this time in Barack Obama’s first term, he had 12 Cabinet nominees confirmed while George W. Bush had his entire Cabinet confirmed by the third week.

Those facts led Wallace to question Cardin point blank why Senate Democrats are acting as obstructionists.

“Senator, isn’t this blatant Democratic obstruction?” Wallace asked Cardin candidly.

“Not at all, we can’t stop these nominees, we know that,” Cardin replied. “What we’re trying to do—”

“But you’re doing everything you can to slow it down,” Wallace interjected.


“Senator, aren’t you and Senate Democrats engaged in exactly the same practice that you criticized Republicans for four years ago?” Wallace pressed.

Cardin responded by saying that Democrats don’t control the Senate, so they can’t stop Trump’s nominees. But he admitted that they can take their time and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

“We don’t control the agenda; the Republicans control the agenda. All we can do is take our time. We can have time for debate, the 30-hours that are given to us. We can’t block when it’s brought to the floor. We can’t block when the votes take place, that the Republican leader decides,” Cardin said. “All we can do is use the time that is allotted to us to make our points, and that’s what we are doing.”




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