• April 20, 2024

Christian Business Faces Punishment For Not Making Gay Pride Shirts, Receives Unlikely Support

Several LGBT-owned businesses have come out in support Blaine Adamson — owner of the Hands on Originals print shop in Lexington, Kentucky — after a court ruled he must attend “government-mandated diversity training” after refusing to print shirts for a gay pride parade.

Diane DiGeloromo — owner of BMP T-shirts, one of the LGBT groups supporting Adamson — said in a statement that “no one should be forced to do something against what they believe in,” reports Christian Post.

“If we were approached by an organization such as the Westboro Baptist Church, I highly doubt we would be doing business with them, and we would be very angry if we were forced to print anti-gay T-shirts,” DiGeloromo continued. “This isn’t a gay or straight issue. This is a human issue.”

DiGeloromo’s business partner, Kathy Trautvertter, also backs Adamson.

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