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Chuck Schumer Pulled Strings to Get Indian Into the Country Who Molested 12 Year Old

Tanveer Hussain, of Kashmir, India wanted to compete in a snowshoe race in New York State, but when he applied for a visa, he was turned down.  Enter Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who contacted the New Delhi embassy, and their intervention allowed him into the country despite his previous turn down. Thanks to Chucky Schumer, Hussain was able to compete in the race and to molest a twelve year old girl.  Way to go Chucky.


Hussain’s older brother said that his brother doesn’t understand  English well and didn’t know the girl was a minor.  Right.  She was only 12 but she had a body like a 13 year old.  Sheesh.  The brother also said that Hussain said that the girl was a nutcase.  He is accused of kissing her and fondling her private area through her clothes.  I wonder why his visa was turned down.

This is the same Chucky Schumer who believes that refugees and ilegals should have free run of the country.  He would sing a different tune if his children were as vulnerable as yours are.  Now, after the molestation, Schumer says that Hussain should face the harshest penalty available.  What would that be?  Being forced to listen to all the tapes of Obama’s speeches like the ones he gave to Queen Elizabeth?


From The Mail Online:

Khan said Hussain told him the girl tried to make an advance on him but he turned her away.

‘He says there was no contact at all,’ said Khan. ‘”She tried to come. I pushed her back.” After that, he said he came back toward us and told her to go back home.’

Reardon, however, said police have enough evidence to suspect Hussain of sexual abuse.

‘We’re confident in our investigation and the results of it,’ said Reardon. ‘There were other witnesses. Social media was involved. There’s evidence that supports the charges.’

Khan, 34, said the younger Hussain ‘is more of a naive kind of person’. 

‘He is not aware that she is minor in first place,’ said Khan. ‘We told him later that she is a minor. He doesn’t understand proper English, so he doesn’t know.’  

Saranac hosted the first World Snowshoe Championships in the US last weekend and Hussain finished 114th place in the competition’s 8-kilometer race. 



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