20-sizedWho started this dealing with the Russians?   It was not Trump because the FBI has basically cleared him on any dealings with the Russians.   So who dealt with the Russians?

It seems that there is another web of conspiracy,  other than the more popular scandals,  when the word ‘uranium’ comes up.

The Canadian and his other investors changed the name of their company to ‘Uranium One’ which would be sold off to the Russians and brought Putin closer to controlling much of the global uranium supply chain.

The Russians wanted in.   They were willing to pay.  Nine shareholders in Uranium One provided more than $145 million dollars to the ‘Clinton Foundation’.   Could this be coincidence?   I think not. 22

Shortly after the Russians announced intentions to acquire a majority stake in ‘Uranium One’,  a deal had to be made and approved by a committee of representatives of United State government agencies.  Among the agencies was none other than the one then headed by Hillary Clinton,  the State Department.

There is much uranium in Kazakhstan.   Giusra flew to the city of Almaty in southeast Kazakhstan.   Guess who was with him on the luxury MD-87 jet?   Former president Bill Clinton accompanied him.

19Kazakhstan is a former Soviet republic and the president of this uranium rich country was Nursultan A.  Nazarbayev.   He had a stronghold on the country for 19 years.

Clinton expressed enthusiastic support for the Kazakhstan leader’s bid to head an international organization.   That organization would monitor elections and support democracy.

With a propaganda coup,  Nazarbayev was all in and Bill Clinton’s public declaration undercut American foreign policy and Kazakhstan’s rather poor human rights record by Hillary Rodham Clinton and others.

Within a couple of days,  corporate records show that Giustra’s company signed preliminary documents giving it the right to buy into three uranium projects.

17After the pact was finalized,  the Clinton Foundation received a $31.3 million.   Combined with a pledge to give a gift of an additional $100 million,  Giustra had a place in Clinton’s inner circle.

In my opinion,  from what I have researched,  Bill and Hillary Clinton will do anything to make money.  Uranium is used to make nuclear bombs.

Nuclear bombs in the hands of the enemy puts American lives in danger.

Who would vote for a woman who would stand by her husband who doesn’t care about American lives?   This woman is just happy with a lot of money, no matter what it takes to get it.

The Clinton lying and devious evil goes further.   We’ve all heard the stories.   Bill denied his affair with Lewinsky to the American people;  he lied.

Hillary Clinton lied to the families of grieving heroes.   She looked at them in the face over the coffins of their loved ones and lied.  21

Why would sane Americans put this woman in the White House?

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