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College Lecturer is Suspended For Physical Assault on Student [VIDEO]

California State University, Fullerton has suspended a lecturer who called students uneducated and physically attacked students who disagreed with him and then had to be drug away by the police.  How could students be educated with lecturers and professors like this dolt?  Eric Canin, a cultural anthropology lecturer has been suspended for his actions two weeks after it happened.
College Republicans charged Canin with battery, a charge which is being investigated by the District Attorney of Orange County.  Canin is not permitted to speak to anyone on the campus until his suspension is lifted.  The College Republicans are hopeful that Canin will not be able to return to the university, however this is California.  There had been dueling protests that day involving pro and anti illegal immigration proponents but the demonstrations were peaceful until the lecturer became involved.


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From The Daily Caller:

“How many of you are professors joining … ?” Canin asked counter-protester students in the video. “Because the professors are actually educated.”

“It’s great that the school is taking this seriously,” Chris Boyle, president of the CSUF chapter of College Republicans, told Campus Reform. “We need to ensure that this professor never steps foot on campus and endangers a student again. It’s an important fight for the free-speech rights of students.”

“The school was right to finally act on this matter. After two weeks of waiting, the news is overdue,” agreed Amanda McGuire, the CSUF College Republicans vice president. “I’m glad the school realizes this was a serious offense, being that his disagreement with the student ended in physical aggression. It is my hope that he will not be asked to return as lecturer.”


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