• December 10, 2023

Comey’s F.B.I. Investigation Only Reveals Dishonesty And Now Faces Harsh Criticism

Let me pose a question to you, a government bureaucracy that takes days, weeks, months, to organize a luncheon, was able to review over 650,000 emails on a non-sanctioned pervert’s computer and come up with no new recommendations to continue the probe.

Comey told Congress that the review of the additional Clinton emails does not change his conclusion and that she should not face charges. Comey says that agents have “reviewed all of the communications that were to or from Hillary Clinton” that were part of newly discovered emails.

Here is a part of what Comey said:

“The FBI’s findings from its criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s secret email server were a damning and unprecedented indictment of her judgment. The FBI found evidence Clinton broke the law, that she placed highly classified national security information at risk and repeatedly lied to the American people about her reckless conduct.

How are people voting for Hillary Clinton? I am overwhelmed with this thought. In days not too long ago, mind you, President Nixon resigned for far less, but Hillary Clinton is a couple of days away from assuming the post of the President.

None of this changes the fact that the FBI continues to investigate the Clinton Foundation for corruption involving her tenure as secretary of state. With all the appointments in place to stop any efforts from right-minded people, we will be in for dark days. Hillary Clinton should never be president.”

What do you think?

Provided by Breitbart

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