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Concealed Carrier Shoots and Kills Suspect Beating Policeman


A passerby on Rte 75 saw a man beating a policeman who was calling for help.  The passerby was a concealed carrier.  He pulled his gun and ordered the assailant to drop his gun or he’d shoot.  When the suspect did not comply, the passerby shot him three times.  The suspect succumbed to his wounds.

From Wink News:

Although Bardes was crying for help, he was not shot, sources said. He was treated and released from Lee Memorial Hospital.

It was unclear whether Bardes fired his weapon.

Deputies spent part of Monday afternoon searching the median of I-75 in both directions between mile markers 126 & 127, sources said. They did not immediately say what they were searching for.

The southbound ramp at Exit 123 reopened shortly after 7 p.m. after it was closed for most of the day, causing a traffic backup for several miles.

Rick Maestas witnessed the events that led up to the incident:


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