• June 17, 2024

Cop Sees Man Sitting Outside Wendy’s; What He Did Next Left Everyone In Tears…

A cop in Mississippi has gone above and beyond the call of duty when he stopped to help a destitute man trying to see his family. The cop loaned the man money for a bus ticket and food so he could visit his family in Louisiana after learning he had nothing to his name. Wendy’s also bought the man lunch.

According to Conservative Tribune,

On Monday, Sgt. McCoy of Horn Lake, Mississippi, gave us all an example of what compassion really looks like.

McCoy met Dan Williams sitting in front of a local Wendy’s. Williams was down on his luck, but that was about to change.

First, McCoy took him inside to buy him the lunch Williams couldn’t afford. The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department told us Wendy’s management insisted on covering the cost.

McCoy joined Williams for the meal and learned his story. Williams had come from Ohio and was on his way to Monroe, Louisiana, to see his family. He had been relying on charity — he didn’t have a dime to his name.

To Sgt. McCoy, that was unacceptable. According to the Support Police Officers page on Facebook, he teamed up with Deputies Brea, Garrett and Andrews to give the man $149.00: $89 for a bus ticket to take him the rest of the distance to Monroe and $60 for food and other necessities along the way.

McCoy dropped him off in Memphis, Tennessee, where the bus departed. McCoy reported that Williams said, “Out of all of the people that reached out to help me in my time of need, it was the cops. Thank you!!”

Williams caught his break, but the mainstream media aren’t about to report his story, because it’s about law enforcement without being divisive or negative.

But we see it, and we love it. You can see the whole post below:


While people who rely on charity are usually frowned upon, this case breaks the mold. This poor guy was desperate to see his family in Louisiana who were probably affected by the flooding. This man obviously has a lot of determination to get to his family and this cop just made his life so much easier. Kudos to the cop for reaching out to a man in need. Cops everywhere should use this guy as an example of what they should do in situations like this.


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