• January 24, 2022

Cops Can Take Your Money For No Reason! Department Of Justice Decides Police Can Seize Property Without Charges

Obama and the Department of Justice have made it legal for police officers to seize property and do what they want with it without filing charges or getting a conviction. This means the police barely need any evidence at all to take your stuff.

According to The Federalist Papers Project,

Last week, President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice revived “equitable sharing,” a formerly defunct program that permitted police officers to seize, hold and then sell property without filing criminal charges, let alone obtaining a conviction.

According to National Review contributor Nick Sibilla, a communications associate at the Institute for Justice, “prosecutors need only show that there is a connection with a seized property by a ‘preponderance of the evidence,’” meaning in effect that cops need the flimsiest of “evidence” to seize your property.

And if you think only only criminals suffer because of this insanity, you are quite wrong.

The Washington Post reported in September 2014 that Mandrel Stuart had to close down his restaurant after police seized $17,550 from him during a traffic stop in Fairfax County, Va.

Russ Caswell, who owned a motel in Tewksbury, Mass., nearly lost his motel after the Justice Department tried to forfeit the property. The officers in question argued that the property “was used to facilitate ongoing criminal activity” because, out of nearly 200,000 rooms rented out at the Motel Caswell, there were about 15 “drug-related incidents.”

For the record, neither Stuart nor Caswell ever engaged in illicit activities, but unfortunately for them, the authorities did not care.

Obama’s DOJ shut the program down in December due to budget cuts, but as earlier this month, it’s back with a vengeance.

This policy makes zero sense and serves as nothing more than a means for police departments to load up their wallets with the unfairly obtained cash and property of most innocent men and women just like YOU!

This is ridiculous, solid evidence should be the only reason for seizure of property. This is giving the police too much power and not to mention what they can do with valuable items or drugs that they take.

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