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Cops Say GOP Convention Goers are Sitting Ducks

sitting ducks


Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, told Breitbart News that the convention goers to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland will be sitting ducks and easy targets for violent Domestic Radical Democratic Terrorists (DRDT) including the well organized Black Lives Matter thugs.  He says that the officials in this heavily democratic city are refusing to take advice from federal agencies on what needs to be done to make sure participants are safe.  To make it even worse, a judge has ruled that the security plans that are in place cannot be used.

Curiously, the democrats are allowed to build a wall to keep protesters away from the convention, while much more modest methods for the republican convention were denied by the court.  I wrote about this at the time Cleveland was selected.  I said it was crazy to hold a convention in a city that is so anti-republican.  No one has any interest in seeing the convention going off without a hitch.

From Breitbart News:

The police union head charges that the mayor of Cleveland “just does not get it.” He adds that “Command staff has arrogantly dismissed concerns of officials from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).”

The City of Cleveland has asked officers from across the country to help provide security; however, Loomis says he has massive concerns about the safety and security of both his “rank and file officers,” and officers from other cities. He said, “I wouldn’t hold it against them if they decided to pull-out.” He told Breitbart Texas that City officials “Just take, take, take, but need to pretend for a moment that they really care about us.”

Loomis makes the point that republican protesters are much easier to control because they are not violent but that DRDTs are always a potential for violence.  From Breitbart News:

“Whether they be Black Lives Matter, for Hillary, or Bernie supporters, or anarchists,” Loomis is worried about the “thousands” of protesters. He said that RNC (Republican National Convention) events are harder to police because of the protesters who come in. He contrasted Democratic National Convention (DNC) protesters saying they are “much easier to deal with.” Loomis noted “This is not uncharted waters” and the City has past conventions to look to for guidance.

Black Lives Protesters have already said they plan to shut down main arteries to prevent delegates from getting to the convention.

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