• October 1, 2023

Correcting the Record on Martial Law and Obama


I have read dozens of articles written on conspiracy sites about BLM and Obama and Martial Law.  I consider myself the Weapon of Mass Instruction.  The writers of these theories have evidently never read the constitution, specifically the 22nd Amendment.

The gist of these stories is that BLM would rise up and give Obama an excuse to declare martial law and void the election in order to stay in power.  Obama would also use martial law to arrest his enemies and lock them away.  

First of all, you need to understand martial law and what it entails.  The constitution allows either the president or congress to declare martial law after an area of the country has become out of control.  However, martial law can only be applied to those areas.  You cannot declare martial law in San Francisco because riots break out in Los Angeles.  Even if Soros pays for Black Lives Matter to start riots in 50 cities, Obama cannot declare martial law for the entire country.  Secondly, if martial law is imposed in those 50 cities, under martial law, Obama would appoint a military government, which would have as it’s goal, the arrests of BLM and it’s leaders.

Of course the conspiracy theorists will insist that Obama would impose martial law on the entire country, regardless of the constitution.  For the sake of argument, albeit a bat s*^t crazy argument.  In 2011, there were less than 2,667,000 members of the armed services.  Since then, Obama has made drastic cuts in the military.  We are much closer to 2 million today.  That includes the reserves.  Out of that number , only a small number are actually combat trained and that number is further diluted by the military stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The simple fact is there is not enough combat trained troops to declare martial law on the entire country.  Even if there were, do you really believe BLM would cause riots and bring the military down on their heads?  Don’t bet on it.

Another thing the conspiracy theorists overlook is the fact that most governors have the right to declare martial law.  Once they have done so, Obama can only step in if the state cannot control the situation.  Again, that’s unlikely.

The mass arrest scenario is also impossible, because to be effective, they would need to be able to prevent access to those arrested.  Obama lacks the power to do so.  Martial law has only been invoked twice within the United States.  The first was during the Civil War.  At that time, Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus.  The Supreme Court ruled that required a vote by both Houses in order to suspend that  right.  There is zero chance that this congress would pass that law.  Democrats would refuse because the affected people would be a large part of their constituencies.

To make the conspiracy theory work you would require military tribunals in place of regular courts of law.  What they overlook is that at the time of the writing of martial law statutes in the constitution, the number of courts was limited.  Military tribunals can only be set up in states that do not have a federal court.  All 50 states have federal courts.

Last and least is Obama using the lack of elections to remain in the White House.  Sorry conspiracy peoples but that exact situation is mentioned in the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  No person may serve more that eight years as president unless they took over thee term of a previous president and then only if they served less than two years of that president’s term.  In case of no elections, a president who was served eight years steps down and the vice president becomes chief executive until a new president is elected.

If Obama tried to retain the presidency, he could be tried for treason.  I put nothing past Obama , but he has always been careful not to violate the constitution in areas of settled law.  That’s why he only enacted 4 of the 23 executive actions on guns he promised.

I hope this put all this martial law talk to bed.

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