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Corvette Driver Rolls Window Down & Flips Guy The Bird Learns Harsh Lesson That Will Not Soon Forget

Video footage captured a Corvette driver who refused to let a truck merge into his lane getting a face full of smoke in retaliation.


In the clip, the burgundy Dodge truck is trying to merge into an exit lane off the highway, but the red Corvette doesn’t let him in.

The driver of the sports car doesn’t only not let the truck driver merge but rolls down his window to flip him the bird.

That’s when the Dodge driver moves forward, revs the engine and blows a huge amount of smoke out of his tailpipe, hitting the driver right in the face.

The man filming the clip in the car behind the Dodge is heard laughing as the smoke takes about five seconds to dissipate.  

After the smoke clears, the Corvette drive seems to move back to let the truck enter the lane.

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