• December 11, 2023

“Could Have Been Life and Death”, Sewer Discovery Stuns Utility Workers

Utility workers in Seattle have made an unbelievable discovery in the sewer system beneath the city.

They found children actually living in the sewers with belongings and a makeshift bed. The children ended up running away before anyone could help them and the workers have not seen them again.

According to The Daily Sheeple,

Meter readers in the city of Federal Way, just south of Seattle, noticed that a manhole cover was left open last Friday. They repeatedly closed the manhole, only to find it left open again later in the day. Since this had occurred several times before in the past month, they decided to call in a sewer crew to figure out why the 80lb manhole cover wouldn’t stay in place.

What the crew discovered at the bottom of the manhole was absolutely shocking. Toys, binoculars, snacks, clothes, and a makeshift bed. It appeared that children were living in the sewer. Eventually the crew noticed two boys who were roughly 12 or 13 years old, watching from afar. The boys admitted that they had been staying in the sewer.

After Ken Miller, a member of the sewer crew, warned the boys about the dangers of going into the sewer, which includes methane gas buildups and disease carrying animals, the boys ran away. They haven’t been seen since.

Miller admitted that “I’ve been doing this kind of work for over 30 years, and I’ve never, never come across it before,” before adding that “No one should be down there … this could have been life and death.”

There is no telling how many of these children are living under the streets like this or how long they have been there. They must come up to find food and toys to bring back down with them. If only we could know the back story for these unfortunate kids and how they ended up where they are. The fact that they ran from people means they are probably scared of most others and have all the more reason to hide in the sewers.

Perhaps a type of rescue mission where people go down into the sewers and looks for the kids or try to talk some sense into them and get them to come out would be a good idea. It seems wrong to just forget about them like they were never seen.

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