• September 23, 2022

Country Enacted Strict Gun Laws in 1999…Murder Rate Explodes


According to liberals, strict gun laws will lead to less people being shot to death.  The problem is it never works out because the only ones ending up with guns are those who could care less about breaking the law and as we all know, it’s criminals that kill not the law abiding gun owner.  Case in Point, El Salvador. In 1999 they enacted a long slate of gun controls that would make Michael Bloomberg orgasm.

Among the restrictions were:

The requirement to get a license that has to be renewed every three years, private citizens can only buy one gun every two years, firearms are registered, and there is no constitutional protection of the right to keep and bear arms.

The year that these reforms were passed, there were 1863 shooting deaths.  Today, they average 22 gun deaths per day  for a total of 6930 gun deaths.  The largest portion of that in crease in murders is due to the rise of two powerful criminal gangs and rivals, The 18th Street Gang and MS-13.  The two gangs did have a truce, which has now been shattered and there is internal strife within both organizations.  The population at large is mostly helpless to fight back.  One other fact that should be explained that the country of El Salvador has a population of 6.3 million people.  That’s less than half the number of people living in the metropolitan Los Angeles area.

The gangs are well armed and have control over large areas that they maintain through the barrels of their guns.  MS-13 is very active in the United States, especially in Maryland, where gun laws and restrictions on the second amendment are as common as rain in April. (Which former governor Martin O’Malley taxed)

Gun control is like communism.  They’ve both been tried all over the Earth but none successfully.


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