Couple Arrested After They locked Two Children In A Hot Trailer Without AC or Water

A woman from Kentucky was arrested after police found the woman’s two children locked up on a trailer during a drug bust operation.


Sarah Mullins and her boyfriend Darell Meadows were arrested after the woman’s two children ages and 12 were found locked in a small room in their trailer with no air conditioning or water on a sweltering Kentucky day.


According to a report, police were searching for Meadows, Mullin’s boyfriend, to perform a round up with parole and probation officers in Powell County, Kentucky property. Because Meadows is a parolee, police were allowed under Kentucky law to enter the camper trailer on the property.

Inside, they discovered a room with a padlocked door. They managed to find a crack that allowed them to see inside, where they spotted the children lying down, not moving.

The two children appeared to be living in filth inside the trailer and couldn’t get out of the room where they were found, Kentucky State Trooper Joe Veeneman said.

Police found that Mullins had left the children a note telling the kids to text her when they woke up and she’d let them out. The room was reportedly extremely hot, and there was no running water available. There was also some type of dog waste on the carpet there in the room the kids had been living in

Authorities said they found evidence of possible meth manufacturing and drug paraphernalia in the trailer.

Meadows and Mullins were both found hiding in the woods near the property where they were arrested.

Sara Mullins was charged with two counts of first-degree wanton endangerment, two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, first-degree manufacturing methamphetamine and first-degree possession of a controlled substance.

Meadows was also charged with violating his probation.


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