• November 29, 2023

Couple Have Blood Tests at Fertility Clinic…The News is Devastating

A couple had been wanting children for a while and had decided to go to a fertility clinic to find out if anything could be done for them.  They underwent a battery of tests to find out what the problem was, including blood tests of the couple.  The doctor called them in for a consultation on the results and was forced to give them devastating news.  The couple were brother and sister.  Not only that but they are twins.  Their parents had been killed and the two were split up and because of a clerical error, neither one knew that the other one even existed.

A Jackson, Mississippi, fertility doctor informed the unidentified pair that they were biological twins after he noticed the striking similarities in their DNA, it was revealed on Thursday. 

The siblings had been tragically separated at a young age after their biological parents died and they were adopted into different families, both not knowing about the other. 

The devastated couple was left at a loss with what to do, as marriage between siblings is outlawed in the southern state.

After the doctor informed the husband and wife that they were related, the pair tried to put together the pieces of their lives, reported the Mississippi Herald.

They realized their parents both died in a car accident and due to a filing error when they were adopted by other families, the adoption parents were never told about their child’s other sibling.

The pair unknowingly reunited while attending college and they quickly bonded over their strikingly similar backgrounds and fell in love. 

The penalty for marrying a sibling is ten years in prison and a $500 fine.  However, legal experts seem to agree that under the circumstances, the couple will not be charged with a crime, however, they also cannot continue their relationship.  The couple are trying to come to grips with the realization and to try to decide what to do next.


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