• September 22, 2023

Crowds Gather To Have Photo Taken With Trump Star On “Walk Of Fame”

On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a small group of Trump supporters gathered around Trump’s Hollywood star to celebrate their candidate’s victory, the Los Angeles Times reported.

There were protests that turned violent nearby while this small group of Trump supporters gathered around his star, probably preventing it from being defaced yet again — a sad testament to just how low Democrats will go when they don’t get their way.

Provided by Conservative Tribune:

Democrats had been wringing their hands about what sort of civil unrest might occur if Trump lost, but now that he has won, they are the ones causing the damage and proclaiming that the end was nigh.“He said he would bring jobs back to America. We all need jobs,” explained Diane Mendez. “Who doesn’t need jobs?”

The election season is now over, and it was so good to go a day without hearing the name Hillary Clinton. It has seemed like years, but  none-the-less now we have to deal with the aftermath; and the temper tantrum’s being thrown by the Leftist Progressive’s who did not get their collective way.

It has been quite a few years since people on the right have had anything to be happy about, so don’t deny their joy. Now Conservatives are pushing back, and defending themselves, and their new president, to the point of guarding his star on the Walk of Fame; how wonderful is this?

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