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Dan Crenshaw Uncovers TERRIFYING Truth Behind Dem Disastrous COVID Bill

Over this past weekend, the Democrat-controlled Senate passed the 1.9 TRILLION coronavirus bill.

For weeks, the Republicans in the Senate have been saying how horrible this bill was and that it was mostly filled with pork, non-essential items, and liberal goodies for their districts.

In fact, the bill is so bad that Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw went ahead and posted a video on Twitter outlining the disturbing Democrat “math” behind the disastrous bill.

Playing both parts in a two-man skit, Crenshaw posed as both a normal American and a stuck-up government official to illustrate how expensive the bill is.

“I’m the government,” Crenshaw said while wearing a suit and black sunglasses. “I’m here to save America, man. I need your help.”

“Sure, how?” says his other character, who is portraying a normal American while wearing a flannel shirt, jacket, and baseball cap.

“Are you finally going to get that small business money out that still hasn’t been spent? There’s, like, hundreds of billions of dollars, right?” he asks.

“We’re going to get to that,” the government man answers. “Right now, we’re going to need about, oh, five thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars from you, give or take.”

The amount is based on some quick math.

“Come on, man!” Crenshaw’s government character says, mocking the classic line from Joe Biden. “It’s a small price to pay for what you’re going to get out of it.”

When the other character balks, claiming to have no money handy, the government character scoffs.

“Charge your kids, they have plenty of money,” he says. “Charge somebody else’s kids. C’mon man!”

In return, Crenshaw’s government character hands over a check for $1,400 — what’s left of the $2,000 checks Biden once vowed would be going out the door if he came into office with a Democratic Senate.

“You’re welcome,” Crenshaw says.


We all knew that having the Democrats in office was going to be bad, but I don’t think any of us could have suspected it would have been this bad.

I pray that we can make it to 2022 so that we can vote these traitors out, but that means we first have to address the election fraud.

And, that is just another battle we all must face sooner than later.


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