• April 15, 2024

Deadbeat Who Lives On Welfare Blames Government For Gambling Problems

A man who received £16,800 in benefits claims the Government stopped him from working by being so generous.Daniel Shaw, who was unemployed for two years, says the large sum meant he had no incentive to find work.

But he had to rely on food banks for survival after he gambled away his money and still did not look for a job, the Manchester Evening News reported .

He has now appeared in a TV programme about people who claim benefits.

“As it stands I am earning more now than someone on minimum wage in a shop”, he told Channel 5 documentary Benefits, which aired on Monday night.

“I want a job but it makes me think ‘why?’ when I am on more money from benefits. It’s the government’s fault, they are basically making me pick the easy way because they are giving me so much money, it’s ridiculous.

“I don’t want to be known as a lazy benefits scrounger but they are dishing all these benefits out left, right and centre and so I am going to take it.”

Daniel also blamed the government for allowing him to gamble away his money.

Daniel Shaw

Daniel Shaw ended up replying on food banks after gambling the money away, saying he had no incentive to find a job

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