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DeBlasio Instructs NYPD To Arrest Peaceful Jewish Protestors Protesting Lockdown Orders

Democrats often accuse Republicans of doing the illegal practices they are often caught doing.


For years the Democrats have accused President Trump of being a fascist dictator using his power in office for his own personal gain. Democrats apparently see no contradiction in calling Trump a fascist and a dictator while DeBlasio is actually trying to be one.

Early in the pandemic, DeBlasio allowed and often joined “peaceful protests” that turned into riots.

DeBlasio claimed that the protests were an essential part of our society, and if we do not allow and support them, it would be criminal. This is something DeBlasio, and most Republicans can agree. The fundamental right to peacefully assemble is a bedrock of our republic.

DeBlasio allowed these so-called “peaceful protests” even as they shattered windows and made off with millions of dollars worth of stolen merchandise. Some New Yorkers remember DeBlasio telling the NYPD to stand down when rioters took over their city and made off with their life savings.

After targeting the Jewish community in Brooklyn throughout the pandemic, DeBlasio doubled down by arresting Brooklyn’s Jewish community members after a scheduled peacefully protest. The protest showed Jewish men dancing in the street with Trump 2020 flags waving as they sang.


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