• September 30, 2022

Democratic Convention to Be Held in State Full of Democratic Corruption


I was living in Ohio when democrats made the case that they were needed to stop corruption in the state.  On that basis, Ted Strickland was elected as governor, Marc Dann as Attorney general of Ohio and Jennifer Brunner as Secretary of State.  Within four years all three were out of politics, stained by corruption.  Dann was forced to resign and Brunner was defeated after she tried to disqualify tens of thousands of republican voters, for which the courts slapped her down.  Strickland lost his reelection bid to John Kasich.

Two years ago, an identical situation cropped up in Pennsylvania.  Tom Wolf and Attorney General Kathleen Kane.   Kane has already been found guilty of corruption. It’s a repeat of Ohio.  Also facing charges or having been convicted of corruption is US Rep Chuka Fattah,  John Estey, who served as chief of staff in the administration of Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell, pleaded guilty last week to federal wire fraud in an FBI sting involving suspected bribery of state legislators.

From The Washington Times:

There is speculation that Estey also helped federal authorities bring down state Treasurer Rob McCord, a Democrat who pleaded guilty last year to trying to extort $125,000 in campaign donations from two businesses during his failed bid for governor. McCord resigned the treasurer’s post. He, too, has secretly recorded conversations for the FBI but has yet to be sentenced.

In the past three years, The Philadelphia Inquirer noted, the list of city Democrats accused or convicted of corruption includes a congressman, a former sheriff, five state representatives, a state senator and eight judges. Other ongoing federal probes are reaching into Democrat-run city administrations in Allentown and Reading, Pennsylvania.

David Thornburgh, president and CEO of the Committee of Seventy, a watchdog organization said:

“It clearly is not going to help the Democratic candidate if in fact there’s a perception that you’re hosting your big event in a place that plays fast and loose with ethics and integrity.  I have real concerns. I don’t think we want this to be sort of the political story about Philadelphia and Pennsylvania that shows up during the DNC.”

Personally, I think this cradle of corruption is the most appropriate venue to launch Hillary’d campaign to be the most corrupt president of all time.

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