• December 11, 2023

Democratic State Senator Won’t Resign Just Because He beats His Wife


Sen. Troy Brown, a Democrat from Geismar, La, has been arrested twice in eight months for beating his wife and his girlfriend but refuses to resign even after he has been urged to do so by the governor and several of his peers.  Brown insists that beating his wife wouldn’t prevent him from doing a good job in the legislature.  (Unless his wife gets elected to seat)  Brown says he will be attending anger management classes to learn to control his temper.

“There is absolutely no justification for anyone to climb up on a moral soap box and pretend that my personal life might keep me from boldly opposing a bad bill or defending a good one.”

Early this week, Gov  John Bel Edwards said that he did not believe that Brown could be a good voice for his constituents and even other democratic legislators said the same thing.  They have asked him to step down for the good of the legislature and the party.

From The DailyJournal:

Brown has been suspended from all his Senate committee assignments by Republican Senate President John Alario after a July arrest on a charge of misdemeanor domestic abuse battery. Police say Brown bit his wife on the arm.

A hearing to consider removing the protective order barring the senator from direct contact with his wife was postponed Friday because of flooding in south Louisiana, and a new date hasn’t been set, according to Brown’s statement.

It was Brown’s second arrest on domestic violence charges in eight months. The first came after police said he punched a woman in a New Orleans hotel in November.

Brown proclaimed:

“All I will tell you is that facing the issue of anger management with my family counselor is both painful and difficult, but we will see it through. My wife and family are incredibly important to me, and we are focused on reinvigorating and renewing our love.”

You probably haven’t heard this story before and there is a very good explanation why you haven’t.  Brown isn’t a republican.

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