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Democrats Love the Socialism that Completely Ruined Venezuela – MUST SEE [VIDEO]

American Democrats and liberals, this is always the end result of your socialist ideas that exist in countries around the world that have tried it and that you personally haven’t yet been able to fully realize here in America.  And thank God for that.


Venezuela is actually a first world country due to its resources.  The country is rich with natural resources such as diamonds, bauxite, gold, iron ore, natural gas and petroleum.

However, the people there are now living in it as third world citizens solely because of government. They did this to themselves.

There is no lack of resources or a “capitalist pig” to blame this on. The problems being experienced there are 100% socialist government-created.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video below and listen to their own words how miserable they are.  They walk the streets with sticks hunting for dogs, cats and pigeons to kill and eat.  These are once proud people.

The government has food lines, but they’re usually a quarter of a mile long.  If the food is delivered at 7 AM you have to get in line around midnight to even be close to getting something before they run out.  And then there’s the non-government government people who control barrios militarily who drive in at the opening of a government food line and take most of everything before anyone who waited all night long gets a chance to even see the food.

Kids going to bed hungry is one thing.  They’re too young to know better.  But how do you think their parents feel when they know better?  You have to wonder how they feel when they can’t provide enough food for their own children, and it’s because of total government mismanagement, which spells socialism.

This can happen here in America as well.  Bad government is bad government no matter where it’s enforced, and socialist government always ends up this way eventually.

It is mind numbing to hear so many Americans say they like socialism. They have no idea what they’re supporting, what they are damning themselves and their children into.

Folks, Venezuela is the result of Democratic Socialism, Bernie Sanders style. And if you think it would be somehow different here in America, they thought the same thing there in Venezuela, a first world country with a socialist third world government.

H/T Ami Horowitz

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