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Democrats Paid Ransom to Hackers to Keep Riot Funding Hidden

Democratic groups scared out of their skulls by the possibility that hackers would release the amount of money they are spending financing the riots and exactly who is giving the money, have eagerly forked over anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000 to Russian hackers to keep the information from getting out.  At least a dozen groups including the liberal Center for American Progress, a George Soros group.  The FBI is investigating but it is unlikely that the liberal groups will allow the FBI to search their computers.  The DNC didn’t allow it when they claimed the Russians hacked them.


One of those conversations included people discussing how to use federal grants to help pay for the riots.  Time for an investigation of those groups and Soros.  We know by tax records that Soros funded the Ferguson riots to the tune of 33 million dollars.

Bloomberg reports that some of the groups paid the demanded ransom in an attempt to hide sensitive data that revealed the group’s role in funding anti-Trump protesters nationwide.

One conversation obtained by reporters was between an employee with a left-leaning nonprofit organization and a donor over how to use government-funded grants to protest the Trump administration.


Republicans in Congress blamed progressive donor George Soros for funding the string of national protests, something Soros vehemently denied.

The report doesn’t name the donor who discussed using grants to pay for protester supplies. The report also doesn’t specify if protester time was paid for or if the groups simply attempted to pay for costs like sign materials and other needs.


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