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The Democrats are in a panic now that the Arizona audit is complete and the truth of what occurred there will be revealed. It has been said that in the coming week or so, the preliminary results of the audit will be revealed to the public and it doesn’t look good for the Democrats at all, and here is why.

When Trump was in office, the left pushed the fake Russian collusion story for years which was a complete lie to tarnish the Trump administration. Then sleepy Joe appears and they are claiming that this low-energy bumbling fool  “won” the 2020 election, the Democrat-media complex is outraged and panicked that Republicans want to audit the results.
Since when do innocent people put up such a fight to thwart an audit that “should” prove the election results in their favor?

So, what do they do?

They dig out ole’ Al Gore to appear on CNN to attack the Arizona audit, and even goes as far as to call the audit an “alternate reality.”

Here is the YouTube video of Al’s remarks.

It is obvious that he is the one living in an alternate reality but it is like spitting in the wind talking to anyone who leans left.

However, there is a reason Gore has been tapped to appear on national television and it has nothing to do with him being right, but to get ahead of what is about to be dropped.

According to some people who are in the know concerning the Maricopa audit it appears that several different versions of ballots were used.

Now, we aren’t talking about just a few but 667 different versions and some are saying that it was a military sting operation too.

So it makes perfect sense now why Gore has been on the news?

Check this out:

If this is true then we are about to experience a very hot summer as the BIG HOAX is exposed from big pharma to the 2020 election.


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